Practical User Stories for Agile Requirements

This 1-day workshop covers the basics of capturing user stories when working on Agile projects.

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When requirements are written as user stories, we've shifted from writing a technical document to capturing shared understanding between the end user, the product owner and the delivery teams.  The story-telling brings out the hidden detail of requirements, balancing the needs of the business and technology teams, making sure no one side dominates, the user experience is central.

In this practical workshop you'll practice working collaboratively to build great user stories. 

Learning Outcomes

Following completion of this course, attendee will know;

  • What user stories are
  • How to write good user stories
  • How to gather & validate user stories
  • Understand the roles involved
  • How to build quality early
  • Know when not to use stories
  • How to plan and estimate


This course will be valuable for anyone whose role on an Agile projects incorporates eliciting, specifying and prioritising requirements as user stories.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


The topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Building great user stories
  • Role in Agile
  • Personas
  • Gathering requirements in Agile
  • Building in quality early
  • Managing stories
  • User story mapping
  • Story disaggregation
  • Monitoring and measuring
  • User Story 'gotchas!'


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