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Agile Facilitation/Training

Proven approach to making on-line training, workshops or Scrum events effective, brain-friendly & fun with virtual Liberating Structures.


Please note: The 4 x 3 hour sessions are run over 4 days There is also a Pre-course  set up check in and some Pre/Homework required. Payment for the course is by credit card and is priced in $USD

This training is designed to help you re-think your strategy for effective content delivery in a virtual space as well as maximize collaboration in your Agile teams, your training and your meetings.

No more long lectures and one-way communication for you, no more disengagement and multi-tasking for your remote participants!

This 10 hour course (delivered over 4 days) will arm you with the latest techniques in brain-friendly training design and delivery for virtual space as well as the most current adaptations of Liberating Structures. This workshop will introduce you to a number of on-line collaboration tools to add to your repertoire and bring to your participants the very next day!

Learning Outcomes

What will you be able to do after this class?

  1. Set up your Scrum events or training workshops for effective virtual delivery with Zoom (breakout rooms, annotations, poll etc).
  2. Reduce the cognitive overload for your participants by picking the least complicated tool that does the job! (Mentimeter, GoogleSlides, Jamboard, Miro, Mural etc), reducing the technical barrier for engagement.
  3. Completely change the dynamic of your Scrum events with Liberating Structures adapted to the virtual space.
  4. Re-design your meetings/ trainings for remote delivery by selecting from a variety of design models (BSCS 5E Instructional Design model, Liberating Structures String or “The 4Cs Map” from Sharon Bowman’s book “Training from the BACK of the Room” (used with permission of the author).
  5. Facilitate large-scale collaboration on-line with confidence (Open Space, Conversation Cafe, LeanCoffee and Shift-and-Share).
  6. Maximize engagement, long term content retention for your learners and NPR scores for yourself!

Be ready to play with virtual backgrounds, creatively incorporate digital and "old-fashion" physical objects to create engaging, collaborative and fun learning experience!

Agile Facilitation Training


Your Instructor

New York-based Dana Pylayeva is an international Agile leader with extensive experience working with distributed teams, and facilitating virtual meetups and trainings for large groups.

She is a Training from the Back of the Room Certified Trainer, a leader of NYC Liberating Structures communityinternational speaker, author and serious games designer.

Her “Introduction to DevOps with Lego and Chocolate”, “Fear in the Workplace”, “Safety in the Workplace” and “Self-selection simulation” games are all based on stories from the trenches.

She draws her inspiration from 20+ years of hands-on experience working with distributed teams across the globe, from her Business Agility/DevOps culture coaching and from facilitating change in Fortune 500 companies.

She leads many initiatives in the global Agile community: serving as a program chair of Agile2020, NAGT member of Global Scrum Gathering SGNYC20, running several local meetups in NYC and mentoring agilists around the world.

Agile Facilitation 2


Familiarity with the Scrum frameworks is assumed.


Session zero (30min): pre-training tools check, setup

Session one: Virtual collaboration basics

Session two: vLS for Strategy Sessions, Sprint Planning, Sprint Reviews

Session three: vLS for Daily Scrum and Retrospectives, Large Scale Collaborations

Session four: Designing your training/workshops for virtual delivery with accelerated learning principles, instructional design models and Liberating Structures String.

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