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User story estimation and splitting workshop (live online)

Learn how to estimate user stories and reliably deliver to customer and stakeholder time expectations.


Delivered as live remote training, both for individuals with scheduled public dates and for specific teams as dedicated remote sessions.

Work item estimation is a powerful tool for teams to use to make reliable commitments on delivery to their customers and stakeholders. Estimation is also widely misunderstood. Splitting larger work items into smaller items assists more reliable estimation and is a valuable skill for all Agile teams.

This short, practical, remote workshop will help you and your teams estimate sizing of user stories and learn when to split stories, to enable reliable delivery of business and customer value.

The workshop is delivered by a practicing consultant who coaches, advises and facilitates Agile teams on a daily basis.

Everyone who attends this remote training workshop will receive follow-up coaching and consulting time from the training instructor at no additional cost, as described below in the outline.


During this two hour workshop we'll look at:

How to estimate

  • Relative sizing of user stories
  • Using user story sizing to plan
  • User story estimation exercise

User story splitting

  • Why make user stories smaller
  • Splitting techniques
  • User story splitting exercise

Follow-up coaching and consulting for all participants:

  • Every participant on a publicly scheduled workshop will receive one hour of follow-up coaching and consulting time from the training instructor to review their subsequent user story estimation activities, provide feedback and help them apply the learning to the work environment. Some preparation is recommended prior to the scheduled call, such as sending user story estimation examples to the trainer in advance of the call.
  • For dedicated team remote workshops, follow-up coaching and consulting time will be agreed with the team and may include follow-up team sessions; observation of a story refinement session; one-on-one reviews and feedback with Product Owners, Scrum Masters, key managers and others.


  • Agile team members
  • Agile analysts
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Anyone else involved or interested in Agile delivery


While there are no pre-requisites for this course, it would be beneficial to first attend our remote User story writing workshop or have an equivalent understanding of user stories.

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