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Our trainers

Equinox IT trainers are expert practising consultants who have been certified to instruct. They work on tough client projects daily, doing the work that they train on.


Alison Fromont

Alison is an experienced consultant and trainer with a specialist focus on business analysis, requirements and process improvement. She is an Equinox IT associate and works with us delivering client consulting services and business analysis training. She is a certified training instructor.

Andrew McDowell

Andrew McDowell, Principal Consultant, Equinox IT Auckland

Andrew is a Principal Consultant with extensive consulting, software development and solution architecture experience. He brings a specialist focus on helping clients adopt DevOps approaches to maximise the value from software development. See Andrew's full Equinox IT profile.

Bill Ross

Bill Ross, Principal Consultant

Bill is a Principal Consultant with broad technical IT expertise and a specialist focus on software architecture and software development processes. He provides independent advice to our clients to help them make the best technical, architectural and development decisions for their needs. Bill is also a certified training instructor. See Bill's full Equinox IT profile.

Carl Weller

Carl Weller, Principal Consultant, Equinox IT Wellington

Carl is a Principal Consultant who helps you get better results from IT using Lean and Agile methods. He provides advice, training, coaching and mentoring, and works as part of your team to lead the delivery of something great. Carl is also a certified training instructor. See Carl's full Equinox IT profile.

Jasmin Wilkins

Jasmin Wilkins, Principal Consultant, Equinox IT Wellington

With over 25 years of IT experience Jasmin has a passion for helping business understand how change can deliver short and long term value. She helps clients think strategically and digitally to architect business change, analyse business problems and solutions, and take a customer view. Jasmin is also a certified training instructor.

John Barris

John Barris, Principal Consultant, Equinox IT Wellington

John is a Principal Consultant with extensive experience in business analysis and business change. He helps our clients to achieve clarity on what they require and then works with them to deliver the needed business changes. John is also a certified training instructor. See John's full Equinox IT profile.

Kirsten Eriksen

Kirsten Eriksen, Senior Consultant, Equinox IT Wellington

Kirsten is a Senior Consultant with extensive experience in providing business analysis and change services for a wide range of business and IT projects. She helps clients understand their current position, work out the gap between that and where they want to be, and deliver the change required to realise their vision. See Kirsten's full Equinox IT profile.

Kirstin Donaldson

Kirstin Donaldson, Principal Consultant, Equinox IT Wellington

Kirstin is an Equinox IT Principal Consultant with expertise in Agile and leadership coaching and training. She helps clients to introduce and refine Agile practices in a sustainable way to achieve greater efficiency in the delivery of software and projects. Kirstin is also a certified training instructor. See Kirstin's full Equinox IT profile.

Michael Sahota

Michael Sahota, Certified Agile Leadership Trainer, Equinox IT

Toronto-based Certified Enterprise Coach Michael Sahota partners with Equinox Training to deliver the Certified Agile Leadership 1 and Certified Agile Leadership 2 courses to New Zealand professionals, in both 'live online' and 'in-person' formats. Michael guides and teaches leaders on how to create high-performance organisations. Find out more about Michael in the Certified Agile Leadership course description.

Paul Ramsay

Paul Ramsay, Principal Consultant and Chairman, Equinox IT Wellington

Paul is one of Equinox IT's founders and is our company Chairman. He is also a Principal Consultant with extensive experience in IT management, programme management, IT governance and assurance. He helps our clients manage their IT portfolios to successfully deliver the benefits required by their organisations. Paul is also a certified training instructor. See Paul's full Equinox IT profile.

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