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Becoming a remote trusted advisor (live online)

Learn key skills and techniques to be seen as a trusted advisor, consultant and 'go-to' person in a remote working environment.


Delivered as live remote training, both for individuals with scheduled public dates and for specific teams as dedicated remote sessions.

Having established your specialist and technical skills, people now come to you for advice in your area of expertise. This requires a new set of soft skills, and in an environment where people are working remotely, it requires different nuances. 

This short, practical, remote workshop will help you and your teams to develop new consulting, influencing and client-facing skills, with a focus on what works best in a remote working environment.

The workshop is delivered by a practicing consultant who uses advisory, consulting, influencing and facilitating skills on a daily basis.

Everyone who attends this remote training workshop will receive follow-up coaching and consulting time from the training instructor at no additional cost, as described below in the outline.


During this three hour workshop we'll look at:

  • The consulting process
  • Working with internal and external clients
  • Key remote advice and consulting skills (such remote influence and remote meeting facilitation)
  • Trusted advisor exercises

Follow-up coaching and consulting for all participants:

  • Every participant on a publicly scheduled workshop will receive one hour of follow-up coaching and consulting time from the training instructor to review their subsequent remote trusted advisor activities, provide feedback and help them apply the learning to the work environment. Some preparation is recommended prior to the scheduled call, such as applying techniques in the work environment.
  • For dedicated team remote workshops, follow-up coaching and consulting time will be agreed with the team and may include follow-up team sessions and one-on-one reviews and feedback with team members, facilitators, key managers and others.


Anyone who is:

  • Moving into an internal or external consulting role
  • Seeking to balance specialist or technical skills with client-facing consulting skills
  • Looking to grow their ability to advise and influence in remote working environments.


There are no pre-requisites for this workshop.

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