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Certified Agile Leadership 1 (CAL1)

Rethink Agile and overcome 90% of the challenges with Agile transformation using "The Sahota" CAL 1 Experience: "Agile" Culture & Leadership (CAL1) Training. “A New Way of Being Enables a New Way of Doing”


The CAL1 course is presented in two formats: two full days in-person or three days live online.


Agile and Beyond

Our unique approach to organisational change comes from rethinking Agile. We take you on a journey to a deeper understanding of Agile.

We go beyond Agile – it’s about creating a cultural and leadership environment where Agile, Digital, DevOps and other new ways of working can thrive.

This is a journey of Evolutionary Leadership and Organisational Performance.


Michael Sahota presenting on Agile Leadership


Unlock Your Organisation

Discover the SHIFT314 unique approach to unlocking organisational performance.

Our Agile Culture & Leadership Training is an intense deep exploration into leadership, organisational change and culture that will deliver a high-performance organisation.


Get Certified

The SHIFT314 Certified Agile Leadership training has migrated from Scrum Alliance Certification CAL-E and CAL-O to the CAL1.



SHIFT314 Technology

High-Performance Culture

  • Psychological Safety: See the hidden organisational debt around safety, trust, and listening so that you can create a healthy ecosystem for success.
  • Unlocking Metrics: Many of the metrics we report on are complicated and hindering success. Focus on the KPIs that really matter.

Evolutionary Leadership

  • Mindset Shift: Simple and effective neurobiological shifts to clear unconscious programs that limit success. See them, Shift them.
  • Sahota 4 A’s Conscious Leadership Model: take your leadership journey to the next level.
  • Effective tools to create alignment, engage and energize people.

Organisational Performance

  • Eliminate Resistance: Learn how to navigate conflict and friction within your organisation.
  • Transformation: Learn where it is failing and how to make progress in the face of complexity
  • Sahota Playbook For High Performance: Use this step-by-step guide to create sustainable lasting success.


SHIFT314 CAL1 chart


What graduates had to say:

Executives and Managers

  • “This “experience” is not what you think it is. It is so much more than agile. Agile is the bait, the big catch is a deeper understanding that everything is possible if one invests efforts in leading cultural change." – S. Vietz, Senior Manager, Scotia Bank
  • “Awesome, Enlightening, and Entertaining. I gained valuable insights in how to accept the truth, and to listen more to others, while being aware of my own bias. I liked that everything was interactive and the way Michael engages everyone.” – G. Stevens, Director, Scotia Bank
  • “This promoted such beneficial reflection on what we do each day, why and how. And where we are getting it wrong!” – K. Baker, Senior Director, Australian Government
  • “You want agile? Do this first.” – A. Graham, CIO, Metrolinx
  • “The best leadership training, I have ever experienced.” – J. Bergeron, Partner, PwC
  • “During this training the most valuable insight gained was to get out of my own way. The delivery of the material challenged my way of thinking.” – R. Ellerman of
  • “Leadership is a journey, not a destination.” – E. Arregui, resident and CEO
  • “If you are, or want to be a true leader in a modern organisation. This is a must-take training.” – M. Grace, Owner & CTO

Agile Coaches

  • “Amazing course. Take a dive into the psychology and spiritual elements of leadership. This is not something you will have experienced before. It’s beyond Agile. I feel enlightened.” – M. Huynh, Scrum Master and Agile Coach
  • “This is a “must attend” class if you aspire to be a leadership coach- some really powerful task and techniques to enable leadership to create a high-performance culture and organisations.” – N. Malhotra, Agile Coach
  • "It's an amazing journey! Jump with both feet." – M. Carmo, Scrum Master
  • “Best training ever! Huge impact on myself and probably on my future.” – N. Tournemire, Agile Coach
  • "Michael and Audree guided me through a truly inspiring, and yet concrete journey towards high-performance leadership” – M. Leber, Executive Consultant, Agile Coach, Trainer
  • “If you thought there has to be more to high performing team than just Scrum/Kanban/XA- you’re right! It’s all about people (you included). This course will open your eyes to the possibilities.” – M. Blackwell, Scrum Master
  • “Michael Sahota’s CAL 1 is actually a leadership experience beyond buzzwords. A good step for your journey to growth.” – A. Schliep, CST/Partner, Das Scrum Team 


Ongoing Support

Monthly “Agile” Integration & Application with Michael Sahota

Live monthly Zoom call. This allows you to ask Michael questions and share with other participants as you implement the Sahota Playbook.

Daily Network

Join us on the SHIFT Continuum through Mighty Networks. This is a free, without ads community. Connect with our graduates worldwide who have the desire and passion for high-performance organisations. We support each other with shared learning, free courses and resources to create a community designed for sustained success.


Go to SHIFT Continuum.


 Michael Sahota talking with Certified Scrum Trainer Rowan Bunning at a CAL1 course


“Agile” Culture & Leadership (CAL1) Training

Join Michael with the CAL1 training. Join other participants in sharing insights and Rethink Agile with this unique learning journey.

Join us for the LIVE Sahota CAL1 Experience.





Executives, managers, coaches and leaders who need to enable success by fostering agility within their organisations. The principles and practices of organisational culture and leadership are the same regardless of your role.



You are expected to have basic knowledge of Agile. This may have come to you through industry experience, reading, meetups or formal training. This course is designed for anyone seeking to foster a more “agile” high-performance organisation. It is accessible and essential for leaders in innovation, lean, human resources, etc. – not just Agile.



Participants are expected to complete 2 hours of videos and readings before the training. Then there is more time to focus on discussion and exploration. The reading guide will be shared with participants after registration.


Michael K Sahota

Michael K Sahota, Certified Agile LeadershipSpeaker, Trainer, Consultant & Author on Evolutionary Capabilities (Culture, Leadership, Change); Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC)

Michael K Sahota, through a journey marked by personal challenges and profound growth, has emerged as a beacon of transformative leadership. As the mastermind behind the groundbreaking Shift3.14 Evolutionary Leadership Framework™ (SELF), he offers a unique blend that weaves together strategy, organisational culture, and resonant leadership principles. His acclaimed literary contributions, including “An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide” and “Emotional Science: The Key to High Performance”, serve as essential guides for leaders navigating complex terrains. Beyond the written word, Michael’s dynamic training and consulting sessions penetrate the depths of the human ego, equipping professionals with transformative insights and tools. His overarching mission is clear: catalyse and nurture evolutionary leadership with the potential to instigate meaningful, global change.


Michael Sahata Certified Enterprise Coach and CAL Educator



What's next?

Michael Sahota's Certified Agile Leadership 2 (CAL2) course is the next step after CAL1.


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