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Certified Agile Leadership 2 (CAL2)

Take your Agile leadership to extraordinary - unlock the challenges with Agile and deepen your levels of growth on your leadership path.



An "Agile" Culture & Leadership Masterclass (CAL2) with Michael Sahota

CAL2 is a three-day 'Agile Culture & Leadership Masterclass' with a 4 month follow-up integration programme.


Certified Agile Leadership 2, Michael Sahota, Wellington. 4-6 December 2019


Why you need to be here

  • You want to get better at crucial conversations with leaders
  • You want to learn facilitation techniques to rock the playbook
  • You want playbook extensions for growing leadership and culture
  • You know the impact CAL1 had on your personal and professional life and want more
  • You want the competitive edge to influence culture shift in organisations
  • You can see the gaps in your leadership ability and want to get to clear
  • You know that your leadership growth is the key to your success and want to grow
  • You want to be among the first in the world to have the CAL2 designation from the Scrum Alliance


Michael's CAL2 invitation


Here is what CAL2 graduates are saying

Incredible ROI in 1 month

“This week my company launched a new network in Italy with two of the biggest online gaming companies in the world. Getting through the regulatory bodies was a grind and I knew it would be our most challenging release to date. Under extreme pressure, we got the performance of a lifetime out of the two teams assigned to launch this network. We basically just got out of the way and let the team shine. We have been getting congratulatory emails all day from members of the board, my CEO, CTO, COO, etc… Wouldn’t have happened without my 5 days in CAL. Wanted to share with you how appreciative I am.” – N. Shulman, Director of Agile Product Management at Global Daily Fantasy Sports Inc.

New way of thinking and being for high performance

“CAL1 & CAL2 helped to shape and organise my thinking around a new way of running organisations; a more caring, compassionate and emancipatory approach which I found to be truly inspiring. It also gave me space and confidence to deeply reflect on my impact and how I show up.

Since CAL I’ve taken the message back to my organisation and to my great excitement have found the it resonating widely. We are in the process of dissolving our hierarchy and exploring new methods of decision making, adapting our organisational structure to this brave new world.” – T. Holliss, Product & Development Director at ZappiStore

Mind-blowing, incredible journey


Additional testimonials

  • “The most valuable training I have ever done. Thanks so much.” - S. Kinsey, GM Agile, SAI Global
  • “CAL 2 has been an amazing experience of personal growth and insight. It has given me tools to continue developing myself and introduced me to a community that will support me on this journey. I was changed. Very grateful!” - N. Magoc, Principal Consultant/Agile Coach
  • “I thought CAL 2 would be an evolution of techniques and methods, but it is much more, a dive into myself to reveal what is really preventing success.” - M. Patel, Agile Transformation Consultant
  • “CAL2 is more than a training course, it’s a checkpoint on a crazy personal journey. I’ve learned so much about myself and how I can be a better leader.” -T. Hollis, Product Director
  • “CAL 2 is where the implication of high performance leadership become real. You will be surprised by the simplicity, yet very challenged by the depth and reflection.” - R. Bunning, CST, Scrum Trainer
  • “Don’t think it. Do it. You can’t explain the course to anyone who has not done it. Just do it.”- S. Smith, Manager


Course description

Michael Sahota’s CAL2 is a continuation and extension of CAL1.

It is a deep dive into the concepts of the CAL1 that includes practical role-playing experiences and advanced personal growth skills. It also covers additional material that builds on CAL1 around organisational evolution and high performance.

It consists of a 3 day in person training/workshop followed by a 4-month integration programme.


In-person training / workshop

This is an intense 3 days of deep exploration into leadership, organisational growth and the connection of culture to high performance organisations. During this experience, participants will undergo a process of letting go of existing behaviours that block their abilities to be an effective leader; they will explore models of culture and receive a strategic/tactical playbook to guide the next steps on their journey of creating high performance organisations.


Course Outcome:

  • Certified Agile Leader Certification (CAL) Designation from the Scrum Alliance
  • The Sahota CAL 2 Playbook for high performance organisations
  • Tactical/practical skills to create high performing organisations
  • Cultivate an organisational and cultural context where Agile may flourish
  • Personal growth practices for high performance
  • Development of leadership mindset needed to support growth
  • Advanced practical skill in “Agile” Organisational and Leadership approaches to decision making, change, engagement and high performance
  • Network and community of participants around the world Highlights of CAL2


Highlights of CAL2

Certified Agile Leadership highlight diagram with culture, leadership and organisational change


The stages of CAL2

#1. In-person training / workshop

This is an intense 3 days of deep exploration into leadership, organisational growth and the connection of culture to high performance organisations.

During this experience, participants will undergo a process of letting go of existing behaviours that block their abilities to be an effective leader; they will explore models of culture and receive a strategic/tactical playbook to guide the next steps on their journey of creating high performance organisations.

#2. Integration program – peer review sessions (after in person course)

In groups of 4-6 people, participants will continue as a peer-group to integrate and deepen the learning as they are put in practice. Participants will document their application of course learning and get peer feedback and review on their analysis.

*This work and participation in these sessions is mandatory for certification.

#3. Integration Program – Large Group Review

The whole class will have a half-day online meeting to review and integrate learning. Each participant will make a short presentation to the group – it can be from an existing topic already shared in small group or any topic related to the course.

Full Duration: 4 months. (3 day training followed by approx. 1 day/month)


Michael Sahota's CAL2 Certification Timeline


Course pre-requisites

CAL1 certification by Michael K Sahota. See F.A.Q. for additional Details.


Certification Requirement

Certification will be granted to participants who:

  • Prepare for and participate in peer-review sessions.
  • Pass peer and instructor assessment on final ½ day review meeting.

You are welcome to attend the training to get the knowledge without going through the certification process.


About Michael Sahota

Michael Sahota, Certified Enterprise Coach

Michael Sahota guides and teaches leaders how to create high-performance organisations. He has a proven practical playbook for leading change. His model for Consciously Approaching Agile™ guides the creation of a cultural and leadership context where Agile drives lasting organisational results.

As a Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Educator, Michael teaches on a worldwide basis. His highly accoladed Certified Agile Leadership (CAL1) Training reflects his growth and capability as a leader. He has been traveling to India for the past 4 years in an intense study of personal growth and transformation for his own leadership path. He practices and models what he teaches to create transformative experiences.

Since 2001, Michael has been guiding success with Agile. Since 2010, he has held his Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) designation. In 2012, he published the ground-breaking book “An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide: Working with Organizational Culture”. Michael also recently published the book Emotional Science and has a further book to be published this year: Agile Leadership.


Course FAQ

How soon after CAL1 can I take CAL2?

Many people report our CAL1 as a transformational experience. It is an intense shift in perception and a powerful exploration of our own personal limitations. Our CAL2 is an even more intensive personal growth experience.

They can be taken back to back. And this is only recommended for people who are ready and seeking serious personal development.

Where possible, we suggest taking 3-6 months between CAL1 & CAL2. We offer CAL2’s on an annual basis around the world.

Not sure? Contact us.

Why do you recommend 3-6 months between taking CAL1 and taking CAL2?

Michael's CAL1 course is an intense two day experience. The CAL2 experience is an even deeper exploration into your leadership journey and very practical application of the CAL1 material. Taking time between the two CALs allows you time to implement your learning and understanding from CAL1, to help you better identify your leadership edges and apply the Sahota Playbook for High Performance to feel ready to move forward. Many people report benefit in taking time to integrate and apply the information.

Isn't it easier to take CAL1 & CAL2 at the same time since the material will be fresh?

Much like anything the experience is different for different individuals. On the one hand our CAL2 Masterclass is very beneficial to reinforce and integrate our CAL1 by going deeper into the concepts and connecting with application in a variety of perspectives. Many people describe Michael's CAL1 as "Enlightening" and "Life Changing". The CAL2 even more so. Take a moment to consider how ready you are to be deeply challenged around your beliefs about how you personally show up. If you are ready to be deeply challenged, and your desire for personal growth is a 9 or 10 out of 10, then taking these back to back will be perfect for you.

Have others taken CAL1 & CAL2 together and have gotten successful results?

Yes. Michael has had several students take the CAL1 & CAL2 in succession of one another, with tremendous results and having a fantastic experience to continue to learn and grow from.

Is there a discount if you take CAL1 & CAL2 together?

Yes. We do offer a small discount, if you choose to register for CAL1 & CAL2 together when they are offered in the same week at the same location. Contact us to find out more.

What if I took CAL1 some time ago?

If your CAL1 experience is not recent (in the last 12 months), we strongly recommend that you consider refreshing your CAL1 before undertaking CAL2.

The CAL1 we are teaching is evolving at a rapid rate. We look for new ways to deepen understanding and there is new information, insights and interconnections.

While it is viable to take CAL2 without retaking CAL1, the new information covered in the modern CAL1 that is NOT covered in CAL2, and CAL 2 assumes that everyone has participated in a recent CAL1.

We will offer a heavily discounted seat to refresh your CAL1 experience and update to the modern CAL1. Contact us to get more information and to receive a discount code to refresh CAL1.

What if I took CAL1 from another instructor?

Each CAL is as unique as the instructor. Michael Sahota provides a unique CAL1 experience where people learn his Playbook for High Performance Organizations ™.

In CAL2, we build on unique information shared only in the Sahota CAL1. As a result all CAL2 participants must have completed Michael Sahota’s CAL1.

If you have already taken a CAL1 with another instructor, we would be happy to offer you a heavily discounted seat to reflect your commitment to learning and growth or assist you with Online training registration.

Our recommendation is to take our CAL1 in person since there is material that is unique, deep and different from other CAL1 programs. It is well worth the additional time invested to get deep change in organisations.

Not sure? Contact us.

Why is there no CAL2 Credential?

The Scrum Alliance has a two part programme.

Certified Agile Leadership 1 Credential Part 1 of the programme (CAL1) gives the Certified Agile Leader 1 Credential

Certified Agile Leadership 2 Certification Part 2 of the programme (CAL2) gives the Certified Agile Leader Certification.

For more information, please see Scrum Aliance's CAL Programme Page.

What if I cannot participate in the Peer Review sessions?

To get certified you must fully participate in the peer review sessions. This is a time where you will learn from your peers, share experiences and network. Certification of CAL2 through the Scrum Alliance will depend on full participation, and positive peer review. Please allow for a 4 month process for the complete CAL2.

You are welcome to attend the training to get the knowledge without going through the peer certification process. Course fee is the same.

How do I arrange my travel?

This course is a very intense process where the participant will need time for integration. It will be advised to stay on site or close to the course location. To receive the most out of your course; arrive early on the first day of the course, stay on site and book flights for the following morning after the course is over.

What comes after CAL2?

We all understand that leadership is a lifelong commitment, where growth happens over time and experience. Michael Sahota and his company Agilitrix are excited to offer the next step in your leadership path - The Academy of Leadership Mastery (aka JEDI School). We can liaise with Michael to provide more details on this option if of interest.

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